E-Commerce Shopping Cart

Sell online – you control your shopping cart.



Sell your products and services online. We’ll build a shopping cart, load the 1st 10 items (more for an additional fee), and connect your merchant account. This shopping cart is added on to any of our other developments. If we are adding to another’s design, please double the price.

We’ll provide you access to a control panel to add products, control inventory, change prices, add images, etc. your Paypal account to your website. We’ll add up to 10 “Order” buttons for your products or different prices.

If you don’t have a merchant account, we have suppliers that love online sellers and we’ll connect you.

$1,200 in development + $50/month. The $50/month hosting fee is in addition to your basic monthly service fee, so you’ll pay $95/month in total.

Advanced shopping carts, programming needed carts, etc. may need a separate quote.

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