Real Time Chat

Communicate in real time!



“Web Chat” is real-time communication with your online prospects. This works similar to text messaging, but through your website.

When a visitor arrives on your site, a message will pop-up greeting them and asking if they need some help. When anyone responds to this question, the person monitoring Real Time Chat is notified so they can now engage the prospect when the prospect is hot!

If you are not available, a nice message will post letting the prospect know you are not available at the moment but will get back to them.

We install the software, train you or your staff, and host this service on the internet and your website.

We install the software, customize the look and feel, train your staff, and provide monthly service for your utilization.

The 1st month fee is used for set-up, service will be active within 30 days of receiving access to your web presence, unless the client adds their own delays.

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