User Behavior Tracking Software

Increase your conversions!



Business owners are usually smart people; however, they need information and stats to make the best and most logical decisions. Local Search Force offers this awesome service to help business owners and marketers from flying blind.

This software package usually produces a tremendous return on investment in time and money by increasing your website’s conversions.

  • Track user behavior
    • Where your visitors come from – Google, Facebook, etc.
    • Track how long on average the visitors stay on page
    • Track how many unique and total visitors arrive to your site monthly
    • Track how many pages are viewed.
    • Track which sities and states your visitors are from
    • Track how far down your web page the visitor scrolls before leaving the page
    • Track which elements on your page visitors are clicking on and which onees they are not.
    • Quarterly reports produced and reviewed.


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