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The Secret Formula is for businesses wanting to expand and in need of a workable technology.

There is a vein of gold running through the internet. We’ve developed an effective technology to access this vein of gold. It’s been developed over the past 20 years by doing 10,000+ internet marketing projects, trying different methods and evaluating what works, and what doesn’t.

We now have a workable technology that can help any business expand as large as they want to become.

To export this knowledge, we’re going to do a case study of our client’s online marketing. Then using the client’s own web presence, we’ll educate them on The Secret Formula as it pertains to their business. They will become cause over expanding their company.


You’ll make more money! You will be able to effectively use the internet to grow your company, expand your customer base and increase your revenues at will.


Analysis of site’s computer code, marketing evaluation of web presence, competition analysis, online reputation analysis, etc. and of course the Secret Formula detailed for your business on what to do to expand your business using the internet. This service was previously called, Competitive Marketing Analysis.


Scope of Work

  • Enlightenment on the Secret Formula.
  • Technical analysis of your online marketing, including your website
  • Promotional analysis of the functionality of your web presence.
  • Analysis of your online competitors – those winning the search engine wars
  • Market research – what are people typing into the search engines, etc.
  • Marketing strategic plan – bright ideas
  • Prioritized and specific recommendations
  • Consultation – research results presented, recommendations, Questions/Answers, brainstorming, etc.

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