There is a vein of gold running through the internet. We’ve developed an effective technology to access this vein of gold. Its been created over the past 20 years by doing 10,000+ internet marketing projects, trial and error, and determining what produces income and what is a waste of time and money.

To export this technology to our clients, we start by doing a case study of their online marketing.

Then using their web presence, we’ll educate them on our proprietary Secret Formula and provide our clients with a step by step strategic plan to expand their business using the internet.

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Invisible online? The correct sequence in online marketing is to have a web presence, get it viewed by people that might have a need or  want for your services, then convert them into a lead.

Many business owners spend their time and money ensuring their web presence has the correct shades of colors or the exact right words. All this when the site itself never shows up in online searches.

We can handle this and help you dominate your local search market. We also develop websites in our Dunedin website design studio.








We help companies get new customers. We’re experts in getting prospects to call you.

We’ve recently developed an amazing new marketing technology which generates new prospects that often become customers. We’re so confident in our proprietary lead generation technology that we have month to month services and pay per prospect services. 

You continue to do your current marketing activities and we add to the motion. We’re a performance based marketing firm that has produced over one million new customers over the past 25 years. We can help your business expand!

We do not provide this service for every business that wants it. Contact us to see if you qualify.

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After 25+ years in business and producing over 1,000,000 new customers, our firm and sister companies have a very diverse selection of services that help business expand. Together, our firms offer nearly 60 different services. We help owners and CEOs get their production. We’ve produced the following services for ourselves and our customers::

  • Computer programming
  • Web Design
  • Digital Magazines
  • Web Portals
  • Business Consulting
  • Mass Market Advertising: Radio, Television, Bill Boards, Direct Mail
  • Telemarketing, Appointment Setting
  • Bulk Email – We can send up to 5,000,000 emails per month
  • Search Engine Marketing – Content Marketing, Pay Per Click, etc.
  • Direct Sales, Telemarketing, Door-to-Door



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