Background Check Options

If your business is required to have background checks, its because your services may be conducted at a residence and Google is doing their part to not send known dangerous people into someone’s home. They have contracted with Pinkerton, a security agency started in 1850, and provided Pinkerton a set of criteria to approve/disapprove an applicant.

Option #1.. about 30 minutes:

Go to Evident or Pinkerton and complete background checks for your business, owners and field workers. For a one owner business, complete the business entity and owner background checks.

There are about 20 pages but the information requested is very repetitive

If you do the background checks yourself, please shoot us an email once done so we can let Google know to be on the lookout.

Please send the email to that you have completed this action.

Option #2… about 2 minutes:

Fill out the approx 10 questions on the form below and we’ll fill in the 20 pages on your behalf immediately.

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