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Welcome to Local Search Force. I’m the founder and your host. Thank you for checking in. 

Millions of businesses have a common barrier to their expansion – prospecting!

From our experiences, we’ve found successful business owners can sell and deliver their products and services. Locating prospective customers that need and want a product or service they offer is the challenge.

We’ve cracked the code and specialize in generating NEW PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMERS. We make your phone ring or get the prospect to walk in your door… the rest is up to you.

We’ve helped over 10,000 businesses with their online marketing. Our clients range from Fortune 500 to small businesses run out of a home.

Over the past 25+ years in business, our team has generated over a million customers for us and our customers. Our journey has been mostly great, not perfect. It has led to the creation of proprietary technologies that were hard won through trial and error using an engineering approach to discover what works and what is a waste of time.

What has been constant is our purpose to help businesses expand and use ethical business practices to achieve our goals.

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We’re here and ready to help you generate new prospects, customers and expansion.


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Search Results Testimonial

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Some highlights produced by our management team

  • Our campaigns have generated millions of customers.
  • Started as a national telephone company, producing 3,000+ new customers/week.
  • Began providing internet marketing services in 1995, selling websites that looked like business cards and helping people with AOL (America Online)
  • We’ve helped over 10,000 businesses expand, servicing clients in every state and many countries around the world
  • A+ rating with the BBB and active with local Chambers of Commerce & civic groups
  • Have provided services to Fortune 500 clients to small owner operated businesses
  • Proprietary technologies developed that help our clients rank well online and become known
  • Over 50 effective solutions to expand businesses and help overcome various barriers and challenges


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Our Goals and Purposes

Our goal is to help businesses expand by helping them become known or better known to their targeted, prospective customers. We operate with the purpose of helping businesses to expand and reach their goals.

Local Search Force is designed specifically to help small, medium, and large businesses accomplish this through various product and service solutions which are in alignment with this purpose. We have bundled packages or will tailor make a solution that is right for each individual business owners’ specific needs.

“There is nothing more enjoyable for me than helping another fellow business owner achieve their goals.” – Owner


We can help…about staff

  • Improve your search engine rankings
  • Increase your website traffic
  • Reach your targeted prospects
  • Improve your website visitor to lead conversion ratios
  • Improve the speed of communications with your clients/prospects
  • Increase leads, expand your customer base
  • Make money, save time
  • Enjoy the freedoms of being a business owner


The Launch of Local Search Force

The management team at Local Search Force began working together 30+ years ago. After a short stint buying and selling airplanes, they accepted managerial positions at an insurance firm building it up to 800+ new customers per week, primarily  using radio and television advertising. Moving into business ownership, the team started and built a nationwide telephone company with new customer acquisitions topping 3,000/week. As phone rates were dropping, the team started and built a full-service, multi-media advertising firm that has produced 10,000+ marketing campaigns over the past 15 years.

For businesses to survive, the business must become known. Due to the complexity of producing consistent results in local search yet a tremendous demand for those results, a focused approach by a dedicated team arose and Local Search Force branched off to better service this specific and exploding market niche.


about local search force

We understand business expansion and what it takes to make your business grow in the dynamic ever-changing world of the internet – a vital necessity for anyone wanting to survive and have longevity – let us help you.

If you want to expand your business, use a firm that has statistically demonstrated their competence in the acquisition of new customers, use our Local Search Force to boom your business. We are here to be of assistance to you. If you would like to talk further, please give us a call at 727-888-5358.


Client successes prior to Local Search Force branching out.


“My firm is generating 50,000 unique website visitors per year, generating enough leads to employ 5 full-time sales reps. We started with the team at Local Search Force when we were working out of our home, and are now the #1 company for our services withing a 3 county radius.”  — Joanne L. 

“I’m a senior executive for one of the largest seafood restaurant chains in the United State with over 200 locations. Kurtis and Carl took on our project and located the exact reasons why we were not showing up in local searches and gave us an exact step by step plan to rectify any locations that were producing non-optimum results. These guys are my “go to” guys.”   — Chuck M. 

“I have used this team for over 6 years and have been ranked #1 on Google for my targeted search terms.” — Jeff S.

“Amazing! I’ve never given a video testimonial before, but I asked to give one for you guys.”— Dean K.

“I’ve tracked where my new customers come from for years and years. After working with this firm for six month, our new patients generated from internet leads has surpassed (for the first time ever) all of our other marketing combined. These guys are great, I’m super happy! We’ve followed a specific strategic plan this firm created for us and every recommendation has proven viable!” — Ginger R.

“These guys really know their stuff when it comes to online marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and business. They gave me some very creative ideas for ways to market my business that hadn’t even crossed my mind. Their service is superb and they are all-round good guys!” — Dominique N.

“Eric is extremely passionate about helping small businesses grow. He has the know-how to get a business booming and the skills it takes to apply it. He’s been a huge inspiration to myself and countless business owners.” — Alex G.

“Keanan’s been GREAT! He takes the time to listen & delivers on his word. He provides valuable feedback/suggestions & dedicates considerable effort to developing our new site. He’s a leader in building a strong identity for the company, thanks Keanan!” — Gina S.

“My hat is off to Tech Support expert Paul. We are a very busy shop and Paul is always mindful of our limited amount of time. He brings fresh ideas to each meeting, follows up with what is discussed and initiates updates in a timely fashion. Look forward to a long relationship. Thanks for a good partnership.” — Eddie F.

“Erik has an amazing ability to get right into creating your growth! This group defines professional integrity, proficiency and competence!” — Marie V.

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